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Sheen Instruments - quality testing instrumentation for paint and industrial coatings

AMB – Moisture Balance

AMB – Moisture Balance


  • Capacity 50 g., resolution 0.001 g.
  • Automatic external calibration
  • LED display: % moisture or solid, mode, temp. & time
  • 2 quartz halogen heaters for constant, even drying
  • 7 preset drying modes, temperature range 50° - 160°C,
  • per 1°C
  • Sampling interval: 1-59 s., measurement time 2-20 min.
  • Memory for last test & memory for temp. correction of 9
  • type of sample (user programmable)
  • Stainless steel pan ∅100 mm
  • Bi-directional RS232 interface

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SHAMB50 AMB Moisture Balance, capacity: 50g. resolution: 0.001g


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