Sheen Instruments - manufacturer and supplier of quality testing instruments for the paint and coatings industry

Sheen Instruments - quality testing instrumentation for paint and industrial coatings


Sheen Instruments offer an effective selection of quality balances for various applications. They feature precision, traceability to UKAS, long term stability and easy maintenance.

ACB+ Compact Balance

ACB+ compact balance features a capacity of 600g, and a resolution of 0.01g.
AMB – Moisture Balance

AMB – Moisture Balance

Precision balance, for determination of moisture content in small samples of materials by drying with halogen heaters.
AQT - Compact Balance

AQT - Compact Balance

AQT - compact balance has a capacity of 5000g, and a resolution of 1g.
CBW – Bench Check Weighing Scale

CBW – Bench Check Weighing Scale

CBW - bench check weighing scale features a capacity of 6000g and a resolution of 0.1g.


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