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Temperature Circulating Baths

Temperature Circulating Baths


  • Temperature range from ambient + 5° to 100° or 200°C
  • Maximum and minimum temperature limit setting
  • Display in C° or F°, Pt100 sensor, resolution 0.1°C
  • Cooling coil for ambient temperature controlled using
  • tap water
  • Circulation pump with adjustable flow rate
  • Incoloy stainless steel heating element resistant to high
  • temperature & corrosion
  • All parts in contact with liquid made of stainless steel
  • Safety according to DIN 12879-2 : over temperature alarm with manual reset, power failure alarm, low liquid level indicator
  • RS232 interface for computer control or data ouput
  • Calibration facility
  • Minimum tank depth: 14 cm
  • Clamp and finger screw fixtures, 1 m hose
  • 12-litre tank dimensions H x W x D (cm):
  • inner 15 x 30 x 31, ext. 20 x 37 x 35
  • 230 V - 50 Hz (110 V - 60 Hz on request)

Information on this viscosity product

Accurate temperature control during viscosity measurements is essential for reliable and repeatable results. It also allows the determination of product behaviour to be evaluated. All Sheen water baths are fitted with an insulated stainless steel tank for sample heating or cooling and a circulation pump with adjustable flow rate to suit a variety of external temperature control applications, e.g. connection to Autovisc or similar water jacket.

3 models available:
Tempmaster 100: from ambient + 5° to 100°C
Tempmaster 200: from ambient + 5° to 200°C
Tempmaster -10: from -10° to 100°C

Tempmaster 100 or 200
This microprocessor controlled water bath offers high performance, long-term stability and flexibility.
The touch responsive keyboard allows easy configuration of operating parameters. Supplied with a 12 litre double-walled stainless steel tank (AI SI 304 for external container, AI SI 310 for inner tank).

Tempmaster -10
This cooling & heating circulation unit is useful to achieve sub-ambient test temperatures to max. -10°, and to heat up to 100°C. It benefits the same general features as of the Tempmaster 200, including:

  • Maximum volume capacity: 8 litres (built-in tank)
  • Hermetically sealed CFC free compressor with ventilated
  • evaporator, mounted on anti-vibration assembly
  • Inner tank dimensions H x W x D: 12 x 20 x 14 cm

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TM-10 Tempmaster -10 Amb. -10°C to 100°C
TM-100 Tempmaster Amb. +5°C to 100°C
TM-200 Tempmaster 200 Amb. +5°C to 200°C
TM-EXT External Pt100/135 mm sensor, with 150 cm cable
TM-LID Lid support for 2 x 600 ml beakers, only for 12 litre tank


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