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  • Programmable penetration & pause time 0-999 min.
  • Acoustic & visual alarm when penetration exceeds set limits
  • 4-speed vertical step displacement,
  • 3-speed approach: quick 0.1 0.01 mm / impulsion
  • Quick penetrator positioning procedure with 4
  • programmable preset positions
  • Real-time depth reading to 0.1 or 0.01 mm, with
  • opto-electronic detection
  • Standard package: penetrometer, cone or needle plunger,
  • RS232 output, automatic level detection for conductive
  • materials, flexi-light & magnifier. 230V, 50Hz
  • (115V, 60Hz on request)
  • Cone or needle, cups: see optional accessories

Information on this viscosity product

An efficient & cost effective instrument, for consistency determinations of semi-solid to solid materials such as greases, waxes, cosmetics etc. The test method is based on measuring the depth of penetration of a standardised cone or needle into the material over a given time. 2 models available: automatic or manual, both compatible with penetration accessories, to be ordered separately according to the specific application.

Automatic Penetrometer

A programmable and motorised unit, for high accuracy consistency evaluations of various materials whilst simplifying testing procedures and minimizing set up time. It makes use of the lastest in electronic techniques to offer user friendly and interactive operation.

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499 Automatic Penetrometer, without cone, needle, cup
499/1 Standard needle 2.5 g, 350 u.
499/10 Sample cup 76 x 63 mm
499/2 Standard needle 2.5 g, 500 u.
499/3 Alluminium sample cup 55 x 35 mm (200 u.)
499/4 Alluminium sample cup 55 x 57 mm (500 u.)
499/5 One way sample cup 55 x 35 (300 pcs.)
499/6 Additional weight 100 g.
499/7 Additional weight 50 g.
499/8 Bitumen automatic level detection device
499/9 Standard cone 102.5 g


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