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Höppler Viscometer

Höppler Viscometer


  • Range: 0.5 to 100.000 cP/mPa.s
  • Excellent visibility for accurate measurements
  • Reproducibility: < 0.5 %
  • Standard package: Viscometer, set of 6 balls for fluids,
  • thermometer -1° to +26°C (other ranges optional), cleaning tool, calibration sheet.


An accurate and versatile viscometry instrument, suitable for absolute viscosity measurement of various transparent fluids such as lacquers, resins, oils, foods, cosmetics, chemicals etc. as well as gas products. The test method consists of timing the travel of a ball in a tube filled with the product sample. The integrated water jacket, when connected to external circulating bath, allows temperature control from -20° to +120°C for high accuracy determinations.

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435 Babble Viscometer– 20 tubes, case & spare tubes
438/EXB Extra ball for gas measurement
438/HV Höppler viscometer
BG0500 Babble Viscometer – A5 - A1
BG0510 Babble Viscometer – A - T
BG0540 Babble Viscometer – U - Z6
BG0560 Babble Viscometer – Z7 - Z10


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