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Digital Rotothinner™

Digital Rotothinner™ Viscometer


  • Quick release chuck for rapid rotor change and cleaning
  • Multipoint calibration
  • Remote calibration key for extra security
  • Storage facility and RS232 output for printer

The Rotothinner digital viscometer uses a disc or ball shaped rotor to determine the fluid viscosity of the sample under test. The results are displayed on the LCD screen in POISE units.

Rotothinners allow the operator to continuously monitor the samples viscosity whilst a solvent or thinner is added. This allows quick correction factors for use in the production batch when carried out quantitatively.

The fluid viscosity is measured using a high quality microprocessor controlled DC motor. The robust construction of the Rotothinners means that they are suitable for use as both production and laboratory instruments. Supplied with a 250ml sample tin.

With a long history of reliability and performance the Sheen Digital Rotothinner has become the recognised, trusted standard around the world. This tried and tested instrument will give you a long life cycle and perfect results every time.

International standards

The instrument is designed to comply with BS 3900 A7, ISO 2884-2.

Standard supply

The Rotothinner comes complete with one paddle (customer specified). Additional paddles are available. It can be supplied programmed for one or up to three viscosity ranges. (please requested at time of ordering). The instrument can be supplied complete with Calibration certificate.


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SH409/081/D Sample Container 250ml
SH455n/034/S Disc Paddle Assembly 0-15 Poise
SH455N/037/S Ball Paddle Assembly 0- 65 Poise
SH455N/040/S Ball Paddle Assembly 1- 340 Poise
SH455N/15 Digital Rotothinner - 0-15 Poise
SH455N/340 Digital Rotothinner - 0-340 Poise
SH455N/65 Digital Rotothinner - 0-65 Poise


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