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haze-gard i - Transparency Meter (SHBG4775)

haze-Gard i - Transparency Meter

Transparency of a product is influenced by the absorption and scattering behavior of the specimen. Visually transparency is described by two phenomena: Haze and Clarity. The haze-gard i haze meter measures all transparency parameters in one instrument: total transmission, haze and clarity. Additionally, it simultaneously displays the results according to the ASTM and ISO standard test methods.

The outstanding precision and reliability of the haze-gard i, as well as its ease of use, have made the haze meter the standard for transparency measurement in the glass, plastic, film and packaging industries.

The innovative view on transparency

  • Complete transparency control by taking only one reading:
    - Total transmittance
    - Transmission haze
    - Clarity
  • Simultaneous measurement of haze and transmission according to
    - ASTM D1003 – illuminants C and A
    - Non-compensated method - ISO 13468 – illuminant D65
    - Compensation method
  • Reference beam, self-diagnosis and enclosed optics ensure precise and reliable readings - any time
  • Automatic and long-term calibration allow easy and fast operation of the haze meter
  • 10 year warranty on LED light source – long-term stable results for many years
  • Open measurement compartment – quickly change and position small and large samples
  • Versatile sample holder for films and sheets included
  • Foot switch for hands-free operation
  • Professional data documentation and analysis with smart-lab haze software

Transparency MeterHorizontal or vertical set-up

  • Convenient sample handling for any application
  • Vertical alignment allows easy handling of liquids in a petri dish
  • Small footprint frees up bench space
  • Rotatable displayfor easy reading

Measurement data can be analyzed directly in the haze-gard i

  • Large color touch display with symbols to select menu functions and dedicated measurement button
  • Large instrument memory (5000 readings)
  • Complete statistics with average, min/max and standard deviation
  • Limit input for different product specifications and colorful Pass/Fail analysis

Professional connection - data transfer in multiple ways

  • Direct data transfer via USB-port to PC
  • Direct LAN connection to a network for further analysis in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Data saving on a USB-stick

International Standards

ASTM D 1003, D 1044
ISO 13468, 14782

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