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Transparency, haze and clarity

The optical properties of many materials such as plastic films, sheets, panels and glass are essential for their suitability in a particular application. The light absorption or scattering behaviour of these materials determines their transparent or hazy effects and how objects can be seen through them.

These characteristics are a result of the total transmittance capability, which consists of directly transmitted light and diffuse components. Wide angle scattering causes Haze or loss of contrast, narrow scattering affects the see-through quality or clarity. All these parameters can be measured effectively with the Haze-Gard i.

haze-Gard i - Transparency Meter

haze-gard i - Transparency Meter (SHBG4775)

The haze-gard i haze meter measures all transparency parameters in one instrument: total transmission, haze and clarity. Additionally, it simultaneously displays the results according to the ASTM and ISO standard test methods. The outstanding precision and reliability of the Haze-gard i, as well as its ease of use, have made the haze meter the standard for transparency measurement in the glass, plastic, film and packaging industries.


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