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pH / Conductivity / TDS Meter

pH / Conductivity / TDS Meter

This new waterproof instrument offers pH, conductivity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and temperature readings in one easy to use meter. The HI-991300 measures low range conductivity and TDS, provides full scale pH readings and allows the user to select the temperature readout in Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

Other features include automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, selectable EC/TDS conversion factor, adjustable conductivity temperature coefficient, stability indicator, Battery Error Prevention System and battery strength percentage gauge. All functions are accomplished with only two buttons.

When the instrument is turned on, % battery power remaining is displayed preventing unexpected battery failures in the field. Calibration is quick and simple at one or two points and the user can select between the instruments’ memorised NIST or standard pH buffers.

Conductivity and TDS calibration is also automatic with five programmed values to choose from.
Depending on the application, the user can select the conversion factor between conductivity and TDS, as well as the temperature coefficient factor. All calibration and user settings are saved even during battery replacement.

The HI-1288 multiparameter probe compliments the meters’ outstanding features: the pH sensor utilises gel electrolyte and a cloth junction for longer life, faster response and greater durability. The conductivity/TDS sensor is composed of graphite. This new technology eliminates oxidation and polarisation errors which are the main causes for erroneous readings and frequent calibration. For added protection, the probe is housed in a rugged plastic housing with reinforced rubber cable and steel DIN connector.


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