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Folding Pocket Thermometer

Folding Pocket Thermometer

This innovative pocket thermometer is simple to switch On & Off, just fold out the built-in general purpose probe and the HI-151 switches itself on.

In use the ergonomically designed case features a convenient thumb notch to allow better grip and an LCD display conveniently located near the front of the case to provide maximum visibility and prevention of obscurity during use.
The HI -151 measures over a wide temperature range with a high degree of accuracy, all temperatures being displayed with 0.1°C resolution from –50 to +220°C.

Its unique automatic calibration check every time it is used provides you the security of knowing you have consistently accurate measurements, the instrument provides a visual indication if the battery level is too low or if the thermometer requires re-calibration.
When the probe is folded away the instrument automatically switches off and is safe and convenient to carry in your pocket.


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