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Specific Gravity Cups (Pyknometer)

Pyknometer cups

Pyknometer cops for specific gravity determination of paints or similar materials. These robust and light weight cups are high precision machined in stainless steel or aircraft alloy.

National Standards B.S. 3900 part A19 -1998, ISO 2811 -1:1997, DIN 53217 and ASTM 1475.

Three sizes are offered; 50cc, 100cc and 83.3cc (US gallon), available in both high strength aluminium or stainless steel.

To facilitate the use of two-pan laboratory balances counterpoise tare weights can be supplied to order.

The manufacturing tolerance on the closed volume is ± 0.2% over the range of 15° - 25° Centigrade.


Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN Specific Gravity Cup ISO 2811 DIN 53 317 ASTM D 1475

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SH1501/100 Specific Gravity Cups 100cc Aluminium
SH1501/50 Specific Gravity Cups 50cc Aluminium
SH1501A Specific Gravity Cups 83.3cc US Aluminium
SH1501CW Specific Gravity Cups Counterpoise (tare)
SH1503/100 Specific Gravity Cups 100cc Stainless Steel
SH1503/50 Specific Gravity Cups 50cc Stainless Steel
SH1503A Specific Gravity Cups 83.3cc US Stainless Steel


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