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Oven Logging System

Oven Logging System


  • Easy to use & fast set-up via front panel or with PC,
  • temperature or time trigger
  • Up to 6 channel inputs
  • Configuration & data output to USB printer or PC
  • PaintView software: set-up, download, historical graphing, statistics, paint cure data
  • Battery operated: 2 x AA cells for 200 hrs operation
  • Standard delivery: logger, PaintView software, thermal
  • barrier, 4 probes (3 metre cable)


This compact logger accurately records temperature distribution over time of many processes and notably of coatings curing data. Easily set-up with or without PC and protected by an efficient heat barrier, it can travel in the production line, fitted with up to 6 thermocouples. Collected data can be printed out to a USB printer, or downloaded to Excel for QC or oven monitoring, and to supplied Paint View Analysis Software, specifically designed for the curing calculations in the paint industry. Sturdy and high quality probes combining air/surface measurement and easy fastening with clamp/magnet ensure high operating flexibility.

Discontinued product 

Succeeded by TQCSHEEN CurveX Oven Dataloggers


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