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MFFT – Minimum Film Forming Temperature Bar

MFFT – Minimum Film Forming Temperature Bar


  • Temperature sensing: 10 points, interval of 37 mm
  • Sensor accuracy: 0.1° C
  • Display: point temp. and differential temp.
  • Nickel plated platen, 483 x 235 mm, easy maintenance
  • Air dryer and cooling tap water failure indicators
  • Standard delivery: MFFT, air & water connectors, 25 μm
  • x 1” cube applicator, roving sensor, guide bar, dessicator
  • & indicator crystals, 5 seringue dispensers, spatula,
  • fuses and manual.
  • 220-240 V or 110-115 V, air flow rate required:
  • 4 l/min. @ 100 psi., water: tap mains.


This apparatus is designed for determination of temparature where a clear thin film of emulsion or water-borne latex will coalesce and forms below this point a powdered, cracked film. A nickel plated copper platen, protected by a hinged perspex cover, is electronically cooled at one end and warmed at the other end. Dry air flows over the surface and ensures temperature uniformity. Temperature sensors mounted at intervals control and indicated the programmed gradient. A roving sensor helps to check spot temperatures. The test consists of drawingn down sample stripes onto the bar by using a supplied 75 μm x 1” cube applicator. After equilibrium, exact film forming can be identified with a
moving cursor.


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