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Wet Sponge Multi-voltage Tester

Wet Sponge Multi-voltage Tester


  • 3 selectable voltages of 9 – 67.5 – 90 VDC, for detection
  • capacity up to 500 µm.
  • Easy & safe operation, non destructive method
  • Compact unit with removable sponge/probe assembly
  • Standard delivery: handle & sponge, 5 m earth cable, PP 3
  • battery, carry case.


This handy and effective instrument can detect pinholes in non-conductive coatings on conductive substrates (e.g. steel or concrete). The unit is earthed to the substrate. The wet sponge probe is then applied onto the test surface. When the wetting solution has formed a sufficient conductive path through flaws or pinholes, the detection is confirmed by an audible and visual alar

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PFD2 Wet Sponge Tester


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