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High Voltage Holiday Detector

High Voltage Holiday Detector


  • Capacity 1-20 or 2-40 kV, for coatings from 100 µm to
  • respectively 8 mm or to 12 mm
  • Precision ± 1%, resolution 0.01 kV
  • Compact & light weight, easy to use, single or
  • continuous test
  • Adjustable output by means of a multiturn knob
  • Probe hand with safety switch
  • Standard delivery: probe handle, band brush probe,
  • shoulder/neck strap, 5 m earth cable, 2 x PP 3
  • (± 10 h. operation @ 10kV), carry case


This apparatus detects pinholes, vacuholes or flaws in coatings. The conductive background is earthed to instrument and a high voltage is applied by moving a brush across the coating. This value is a related to the coating dielectric strength. When a flaw is detected, then the current will spark through it whilst a light flashes and audible alarm sounds. For maximum safety a high impedance supply will collapse to zero upon detection.

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PHD2-40 High-Voltage Holiday Detector 2-40 kV


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