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Orange Peel / Distinctness of Image (DOI)

Orange peel is a phenomenon perceived as a wavy pattern disturbing highly glossed painted surfaces e.g. automotive body finishes. It affects the smoothness and the mirror-like appearance of such finishes.

The causes could be due to a number of factors: the flow and levelling characteristics of the paint system, processing parameters, coating thickness, substrate roughness, or paint formulation.

This effect can be seen from varying distances, from approx. 0.4 to 3 m, as small and large waviness patterns. In addition to the visible conditions, invisible patterns less than 0.1 mm reduce the gloss, and as a result affect the Distinctness of Image (DOI).

In the past, these appearance attributes were measured in various different terms or scales, depending on the manufacturers and their evaluation practices. Today the Wave Scan Range offers standard methods to objectively define these attributes and ensure better process control, of particular use in the automotive industry.

Microwave Scan - Orange Peel / Distinctness of Image Meter

Micro-wave Scan - Orange Peel / DOI Meter (SHAW4824)

This innovative new instrument allows the accurate measurement of previously visually assessed small and curved surfaces such as automotive bumpers, mirror housings, door handles and decorative trim.

Wave-scan Dual Orange Peel / DOI Meter

Wave-scan Dual - Orange Peel / DOI Meter

This portable instrument allows objective quality control evaluation of surface quality after each point of the painting process. The integrated laser system scans the specimen at 60° over a defined distance collecting the optical profile. Orange peel and distinctness of image (DOI) .


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