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Pfund Black & White Cryptometer

Black and White Cryptometer

The Cryptometers offer a quick method to determine the wet opacity, hiding power and coverage in square metres per litre of liquid coating materials.

Method of Use

A small sample of liquid coating (approximately 4ml) is applied on the joint line of the black and white baseplate, the top plate (pins facing downwards) is placed across baseplate joint line the sample forms a wedge of paint, (maximum thickness nearest the pins) by sliding the plate back and forth till the sample perfectly hides both the black and the white section of the baseplate.

At the position of hiding a reading is observed on the engraved scale of the Base Plate , this is converted into covering power (Square metres/litre) by looking at the instructions supplied with the instrument.


The instrument is supplied complete with baseplate, two top plates, instructions and case, alternative top plates can be supplied, also additional and replacement plates, see the table below.

Top Plates

Two Top Plates are offered with each of the Cryptometer products, two additional and or alternative Plates are also available to cover a range of film thickness.

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SKU Name Add to quote
SH302/1 Cryptometer with K004 & K008 plates
SH302/2 Cryptometer with K002 & K007 plates
SH302/K002 Top Plate K= .002 (Additional /Replacement Plate)
SH302/K0035 Extra top plate K=0035
SH302/K004 Top Plate K= .004 (Additional /Replacement Plate)
SH302/K005 Top Plate K= .005 (Optional Plate)
SH302/K007 Top Plate K= .007 (Additional /Replacement Plate)
SH302/K008 Top Plate K= .008 (Additional /Replacement Plate)


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