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Protimeter Moisture Measurement System

Protimeter Moisture Measurement System

The MMS is supplied in a sturdy case with the following items as standard:

  • Hygrostick ® hygrometer and temperature probe
  • Heavy duty moisture probe
  • Deep wall probes
  • Surface temperature sensor
  • Hygrometer and Condensator Modes


The Protimeter MMS is the complete instrument for measuring moisture levels in materials and for diagnosing the cause of dampness in buildings. The user switches between moisture meter, hygrometer and Condensator modes to measure moisture in materials and environments as required.

Hygrometer and Condensator Modes

In hygrometer mode the MMS measures the relative humidity (RH) and ambient temperature of environments. The Hygrostick can be embedded in walls or floors to measure the materials’ equilibrium RH value.

The Condensator mode is used to confirm the presence - or otherwise - of condensation on surfaces. The instrument displays the difference between the dewpoint temperature and the temperature of the surface against which the temperature sensor is held.

Moisture Meter Modes

Use the MMS in search mode to identify the presence of water behind decorative finishes such as tiles and wallpaper without damaging the surface. A relative scale indicates if the material is in a dry, borderline or damp condition.

Use the MMS in measure mode to determine the percent moisture content of wood and the wood moisture equivalent (WME) value of other non-conductive building materials. Deep wall probes are used to measure the WME levels at depth in walls for monitoring or diagnostic applications.

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