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Sward Hardness Rocker (Sward Type)

Sward Hardness Rocker (Sward Type)

Non-destructive hardness test can be carried out with this rocking instrument. The equilibrated unit has 2 wheels and 2 bubble references. The instrument is rolled to display the bubbles, and test consists of counting the oscillations until the bubbles disappear, respectively starting from left and ending from right. The hardness of the coatings is related to the number of oscillations, thus the amplitude decreases more rapidly on soft test surfaces. Results can be expressed in %. Calibration on glass plate: 50 rocks over 60 ±0.5 s. (100%).


  • Simple to use
  • Reliable measurement
  • Adjustable calibration screw
  • Supplied with draught screen, reference plate, levelling table

International standards

ASTM D2134

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SH703/704 Hardness Rocker (Sward Type)


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