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Pendulum Hardness Rockers

Pendulum Hardness Rockers

An apparatus internationally approved for coating hardness evaluation. The test consists of measuring the damping time of a pendulum oscillating on a test surface. The hardness is function of the oscillation amplitude, detected by electronic optical cells from 2 specified pendulum deflection positions. It decreases faster on softer medium.

3 versions available:


The 200g triangular pendulum rests on 2 x 5mm ball bearings.
Reference on glass plate:
250 ±10s. (172 to 185 oscillations), deflections from 6° to 3°.


The 500g square pendulum rests on 2 x 8mm ball bearings.
Reference on glass plate:
430 ±10 s, deflections from 12° to 4°


Combination of both methods in one unit.


  • High precision instruments, electronic counting and display
  • Top quality components to ensure long term stability and reliability
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Standard delivery: level-adjustable mainframe, pendulum(s), draught screen, reference plate, spirit level
  • 240V/50 Hz or 110V/60 Hz (please specify when ordering).

International standards

KOENIG: Astm D4366, ISO 1522
PERSOZ: NF T30-016

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SH707K Pendulum Tester for Koenig (Hard coatings)
SH707KP Pendulum Tester for Persoz and Koenig
SH707P Pendulum Tester for Persoz (Soft coatings)


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