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Buchholz Indentation Tester

Buchholz Indentation Tester

This indentation tester is used to evaluate the indentation resistance (hardness) of mono or multi-coat paint systems, varnish and related products.

Principal of test

A bevelled disc with a sharp edge is applied onto the test surface under a constant 500g test load provided by a steel block holder. The indentation length is measured and compared against a table in the respective International Standard for the Indentation Resistance value. The test is valid for minimum coating thickness of 15 microns.

Method of test

The gauge is placed on to the coated surface, subsequently lifted off after 30 seconds, the coatings is them allowed to recover for a period of 35 seconds, the indentation is located by using the template provided, the 20 times magnification microscope is placed over the indentation, whereby the length of the indentation can be measured using graduated scale. The indentation resistance is obtained by the formula 100/Length of the indentation.

Product includes:

  • Buchholtz Indentation Tester
  • 20 x magnification microscope
  • Batteries 1.5V type AA (x2)
  • Template
  • Case
  • Operating manual

International Standards

BS EN ISO 2815:2003


Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN Buchholz Hardness Indentation Test

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