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Minigloss 60° Glossmeter (SH101N)

Minigloss Gloss Meter


  • Easy to use - one button operation
  • Automatic digital push button calibration
  • R ange: 0.1-100 GU, repeatability: ± 0.5 GU, precision: ± 1 GU
  • Large backlit LCD display, visible even in low light area Automatic power off & low battery warning
  • Powered by mains/rechargeable batteries (900 readings/ charge)
  • Standard package: Instrument, certified standard, charger, carrying case.

This pocket sized glossmeter is designed to meet all the requirements of a field and laboratory instrument but at a very cost effective price.

It is easy to use with a one button operation and digitally adjusted calibration. Any member of staff can take meaningful gloss measurements with little or no training. Both the optical system and the electronics are housed in a steel case giving the durability required for years of constant use either in the laboratory, on the shop floor or out in the field.


Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN SoloGloss 60°

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SH101N Minigloss 60° - power supply 110V/220V 50/60Hz


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