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Microgloss Small Orifice Glossmeter (SH155/SO)

Microgloss gloss meters 155/SO

This Small Orifice 60° Glossmeter is specially designed for measurement of small areas. This feature is of particular interest to packaging, metal finishing, automotive, plastics, or other products with particular shape or size, which are difficult to measure with gloss meters equipped with a standard size orifice.


  • Two versions available: for normal surfaces, or for mirror gloss surfaces
  • Measurement area: 2x2 mm
  • Automatic calibration on standard supplied
  • Statistics: latest reading, number of readings, max., min., average, standard deviation
  • Batch facility
  • Memory: 4000 readings
  • RS232 output (3-pin DIN socket) to printer or PC
  • Powered by mains/built-in rechargeable battery
  • Internal lithium battery, storage of calibration data and readings up to 10 years
  • Standard package: Instrument, calibration standard, charger, carrying case.

Measuring area

Micro gloss measuring area

Standard 60° Glossmeter vs Microgloss SH155/SO
Solid line shows orifice area. Broken line shows illuminated area.


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SH155/SO Microgloss 60° SO (small orifice)
SH155/SO/M Microgloss 60° small orifice, “mirror” (0-999 GU)


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