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Microgloss 45° and 75° Glossmeters

Microgloss Gloss Checker

Certain applications demand the use of glossmeters with specific geometries.

These pocket size instruments with dedicated geometries have been designed to meet these requirements.

  • 45°: for ceramics, plastics, plastic films – measuring area: 9 x 13mm, range 0-180 GU
  • 75°: for paper, paperboard, structured plastics – measuring area: 9 x 21 mm, range 0-140 GU


  • Automatic calibration, menu-guided operation
  • Statistics: number of readings, mean, standard deviation
  • Memory: 999 readings
  • RS232 output to printer or PC
  • Easy-link Software included
  • Standard package: Instrument & calibration holder (certified), Easy-link & PC cable, 2 x AA /1.5V batteries, leather pouch, operating manual and carrying case.

Microgloss Gloss Checker

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SHBG4454 Microgloss 45°
SHBG4456 Microgloss 75°


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