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Haze-gloss Haze Meter (SHBG4601)

Haze-gloss haze meter and gloss meter

A high gloss surface is expected to have a clear and brilliant appearance, however due to certain structural defects it may exhibit a milky appearance, which reduces its reflecting quality.

This milkiness or haze effect may be caused by various physical parameters:

  • degree of dispersion (particle size), or additives type of application (flocculation from electrostatic or pneumatic spraying)
  • weathering, polishing or abrasion

To measure haze in conjunction with gloss, a special gloss meter equipped with two additional sensors next to the 20° gloss sensor captures the scattered light, allows simultaneous evaluation of both parameters for better process control.

This versatile laboratory instrument is designed for measurements of gloss, mirror gloss and Haze.

The special optical system and robust design provide excellent long term stability, accuracy and repeatablity.

A foot switch, motorized sample holder and spot target illumination automate routine operations.


  • Measurement at 20-60-85° of Gloss & Mirror Gloss, and Haze at 20°
  • Reference beam, closed optics, self diagnosis for accurate measurements
  • Statistics: average, min., max., standard deviation
  • Memory: 9 x 600 values
  • Serial RS232, data output to Excel via Easy-link software (included)
  • Standard package: Instrument with certified Gloss & Haze standards, Easy-link software, PC cable, foot switch

Haze Gloss


  • Gloss range: 0 to 2000 GU, repeatability: 0.2 GU, reproducibility: 0.5 GU
  • Haze range: 10 to 2500 HU (Haze Unit), repeatability: ± 1HU, reproducibility: ± 7HU.

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SHBG4601 Haze-Gloss


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