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Bench Microgloss Glossmeter (SH157)

Micro Gloss Bench-top Glossmeter

This bench top unit is designed for the gloss measurement of curved or specially shaped surfaces difficult to measure with pocket instruments. The flat top allows large samples to be conveniently and accurately placed onto the gloss meter for measurement.

Optional alignment guides allow small pieces to be precisely positioned onto the small measurement orifice (SO model) for optimal reproducibility.

Different versions available:

  • SH157/60 - 60°: measurement area: 9 x 15mm, range 0-1000 GU autoranging (normal and mirror gloss)
  • SH157/SO - 60° Small Orifice: 2 x 2mm, range 0-1000 GU autoranging (normal and mirror gloss)
  • SH157/20-60 - 20° & 60°: for general purpose, medium and high gloss surfaces
  • SH157/75 - 75°: for the paper industry.


  • Automatic calibration
  • Statistics
  • Easy to use, clear LCD display
  • Memory: 4000 readings
  • Powered by mains/built-in rechargeable battery
  • RS232 output to printer or PC (ASCII format)
  • Optional remote footswitch for hands free operation Standard package: Instrument, certified calibration standard, rechargeable batteries and charger.


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SH157/20-60 Bench Microgloss - Glossmeter 20° and 60° for general purpose use.
SH157/60 Bench Microgloss - Glossmeter 60° angle for general purpose use
SH157/75 Bench Microgloss - Glossmeter 75° designed for the paper industry
SH157/SO Bench Microgloss - Glossmeter 60° small orifice model


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