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Gloss is an important attribute of surface appearance, it changes our perception of colours and shapes and influences our overall visual experience.

Gloss affects objects by the interaction of incident light with the surface and observer and depends on variables such as illumination angle, surface profile, physical characteristics and observation conditions.

For many products, gloss can play an important part in their visual acceptability and for quality purposes should be monitored with precision instrumentation particularly when it varies through the process.

Glossmaster glossmeters - matt to high gloss measurements

Glossmaster Glossmeter Range

With three angles in one robust, lightweight, portable package the NEW Glossmaster Gloss measurement meter range will easily tackle every gloss measurement application.

Minigloss Gloss Meter

Minigloss 60° Glossmeter (SH101N)

This pocket sized gloss meter is designed to meet all the requirements of a field and laboratory instrument but at a very cost effective price.



Hand held instrument for simultaneous measurement of gloss and film thickness of paint, ink, plastic and other coatings on a metal substrate.


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