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Dip Flow Cups - with handle

Dip Flow Cups - with handle

Zahn and Shell Dip Flow Cups

Made of nickel plated brass (Zahn pictured above) and stainless steel (Shell pictured opposite) and fitted with a handle, these cups are generally used for a quick check of product flow.


The Zahn series are suitable for paints and inks, while the Shell series are designed with a capillary orifice suitable for use with inks, enamels and lacquers.

Frikmar Dip Flow Cup

Dip Flow Cups - with handle

This cup with specifications identical to the DIN 53211 bench top cup is fitted with a handle to allow dipping tests to be performed. Practically all standard cups can be supplied in this version (i.e. with handle) on request with the same accuracy and quality.

Lory Dip Flow Cup

This cup, made of bright nickel plated steel, is generally used for checking purposes. The cup is filled to the top and flow time is taken when the needle fitted in the bottom of the cup appears. Optional stand to hold 5 Zahn cups (405/ST).



Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN Viscosity Cup DIN 53211 Immersion

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420/2 Frikmar flow cup 2mm
420/4 Frikmar flow cup 4mm
420/6 Frikmar flow cup 6mm
420/8 Frikmar flow cup 8mm
SH405/1 Zahn Flow Cup - No 1 conforming to ASTM D4212
SH405/2 Zahn Flow Cup - No 2 conforming to ASTM D4212
SH405/3 Zahn Flow Cup - No 3 conforming to ASTM D4212
SH405/4 Zahn Flow Cup - No 4 conforming to ASTM D4212
SH405/5 Zahn Flow Cup - No 5 conforming to ASTM D4212
SH422/1 Shell Flow Cup - 1.8mm
SH422/2 Shell Flow Cup - 2.4mm
SH422/2.5 Shell Flow Cup - 2.7mm
SH422/3 Shell Flow Cup - 3.1mm
SH422/3.5 Shell Flow Cup - 3.5mm
SH422/4 Shell Flow Cup - 3.8mm
SH422/5 Shell Flow Cup - 4.6mm
SH422/6 Shell Flow Cup - 5.8mm


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