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Payne - Permeability Cup

Payne - Permeability Cup

The instrument is designed to determine the performance of organic coating it its capability of resisting or aiding the passage of water vapour, obtaining values of vapour transfer through coatings thereby establishing a range in permeability from high to low.

Principle of test

To determine the rate of transmission of a liquid either absorbed through or permeated from a film of coating material, (paint, varnish or related products) self-supporting or supported on a porous film substrate over a defined period of time under controlled conditions.

Method of test

Coating films of consistent thickness are dried and cut into a disc format to a size to fit the cup flange sufficient to effect a seal when the clamping ring and lid are assembled.

Where the film is delicate and requires support the use of a suitable liquid permeable material, paper charts, filter paper can be used to support the film.

Dry Cup method

This is generally preferred method for obtaining values that relate to conventional exterior applications where high humidity values are not anticipated.

Place a measured quantity of desiccant into the cup, fit the prepared coating film, sealing ring and sealing cap, weigh the loaded cup to 1mg, then place it in the Test Chamber, record time, temperature and relative humidity.

Periodically remove the cup, weigh it and compare the rate of weight gain against the previous value.

Wet Cup method

Is used where the products are intended for use where high relative humidity is anticipated of the coating material.

Prepare in the same manner as the Dry Cup Method but place a measured quantity of liquid (in place of the desiccator) and weigh to 1mg, place into the Test Chamber, record time, temperature and relative humidity.

Periodically remove the cup, weigh and compare the value against the previous value for loss of liquid.

It is recommended to run the test in triplicate, due to film imperfections and take the readings over a period of days so as to ascertain.


  • The cup, ring and sealing cap are machined from High grade anodized aluminium.
  • Two sizes are available offering, 10cm2 & 25cm2 areas.
  • Each Cup is identified with unique serial number.


ASTM D1653
ISO 7783 Parts 1 & 2


Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN Permeability Cups

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SH1003 Payne - Permeability Cup - nominal mass 50g, 10cm² cup
SH1003/3 Payne - Permeability Cups - 10cm² cup (set of 3 SH1003/3)
SH1003A Payne - Permeability Cup - nominal mass 250g, 25cm² cup
SH1003A/3 Payne - Permeability Cups - 25cm² cup (set of 3 SH1003A/3)


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