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Laboratory Disperser

Laboratory Disperser

The laboratory mixer dispermaster S2 is fitted with a robust air-cooled motor to efficiently perform most dispersing and mixing tasks, up to 2 litre.

The power chain is mounted onto a sturdy aluninium stand, equipped with safety switch and counter-weight, to ensure secured and smooth displacement.

The pid controller constantly maintains the dispersing speed, independent from the sample viscosity.


  • Speed range: 0-9999 rpm, pid controlled
  • Safety switch at high position & vessel detection, emergency switch.
  • Adjustable countdown timer 0-99min. LCD display.
  • Quiet & stable operation, 230V / 50Hz
  • Standard delivery: dispermaster, 1 crown dispersing disc 40 mm.
  • Options: crown discs 30 or 50mm, 1 or 2 litre stainless steel vessel

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SH495 Laboratory Disperser - Dispermaster S2. 2-litre
SH495/1 Dispersing Disc 30mm
SH495/2 Dispersing Disc 50mm
SH495/3 Dispersing Disc 60mm
SH495/4 Dispersing Vessel 1L capacity
SH495/5 Dispersing Vessel 2L capacity
SH495/6 Dispersing Vessel 500ml capacity


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