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Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Tester

Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Tester

The basis of the Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Tester test is to determine the smallest diameter mandrel that coated panels can be bent over without evidence of cracking and or loss of adhesion.

The coated panel is bent through 180º over a period of 2 to 3 seconds, if there are no signs of failure a fresh coated panel is to be bent over the next smaller diameter mandrel, repeat the test over smaller diameters untill failure is observed.

Failure  can be observed by seeing a change in colour, followed by signs of cracking and/or loss of adhesion.

Pass/fail criteria

Upon establishing the smallest diameter mandrel that the panel can be bent over without failure and the next smaller diameter mandrel, where the coating fails, pass/failure criteria can be defined for quality control.


  • Max panel size: 50 mm wide x 1 mm thick
  • Robust stainless steel mandrels, easy to install in seconds
  • Study pre-drilled frame to secure on workbench


ASTM D522 Method B (Specifies 6 inch sizes mandrels)
ISO 1519 type 2
JIS  K 5600-5-1
AS/NZ 1580.402.1 – 2003 (2013)


Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN Cylindrical Bend Test Incl. Mandrel Set 


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