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Spectromatch Gloss Spectrophotometer

Spectromatch Gloss - Spectrophotometer

Outstanding precision colour measurement

The new portable Spectrophotometer combines the latest and most advanced technology in micro-electronics and colorimetry.

While providing high precision measurement based on 10 nm spectral resolution in agreement with many other high-end Spectrophotometers, it offers excellent performance in many applications, from laboratory analysis to on-site quality control.

Colour + Gloss measurement in one unit

For many products, the colour effect can be influenced by the variation of gloss. Spectromatch Gloss measures both attributes using the built-in 60° glossmeter, and displays colour and gloss data simultaneously. This unique feature helps to efficiently identify the potential causes of mismatch.

Truly portable

Powerful internal data processing, ease of use and compact design bring maximum reliability and flexibility to your daily operations.

Long term stability

Spectromatch Gloss is available either in sphere d/8° or 45/0° geometries, equipped with an exclusive illumination system. This advanced technology provides highly reliable temperature independent measurement and long term stability, with 3-month calibration interval.

Excellent repeatability on textured surfaces

The d/8° - SPIN version specially offers a patented technique to eliminate influences caused by measuring direction: an exclusive built-in white hemisphere enhances light distribution and ensures optimum circumferential illumination, thus providing an excellent repeatability, particularly for measurements of textured surfaces.


Exclusive illumination system:

  • Excellent short & long term stability
    • Long calibration intervals (every 3 months)

    • Temperature stable measurement 10° to 40°C

    • Simple maintenance

  • Available geometries: 45/0° or d/8° SPIN , Ø11 mm aperture
  • Buit-in 60° gloss meter, 5 x 10 mm aperture for both versions
  • Output to PC (Easy-link software included)

  • Guarantee: 10 years on light source, 1 year on the instrument

Professional software & easy to use documentation

  • Easy-link software included for:
    • download of colour data, differences, spectral data to 
Windows Excel, upload standard values from PC 

    • Q C report with trends graphs showing customised 

    • instant and efficient documentation with prepared 
templates (Lab plot, data, trends graphs etc.)



  • Spectral range: 400-700 nm, 10 nm interval
  • Precision/Repeatability:
0.01 ∆E*, 1σ (10 measurements on white tile)
  • Inter-instruments agreement: 
0.2 DE*, 1σ (on 12 BCRA tiles)

  • Colorimetric systems: CIEL ab/Ch, Lab(h), XYZ, Yxy
  • Differences: ∆E*, ∆E(h), ∆ECMC, EFMC2, E94, E99, E2000, and ∆L*a*b*, ∆L*C*h* and ∆ of other components
  • Indices: - YIE 313, YID 1925, WIE 313, CIE , Berger - Opacity, Metamerism 
- Colour strength
13 illuminants: A, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, UL 30

  • Observer: 2° or 10° 
Gloss 60° 
Range: 0-180 GU (Gloss Unit) Repeatability/reproducibility: 0.2/1.0 GU Measuring area: 5 x 10 mm


Memory: 200 standards, 999 samples

  • Automatic functions: colour search, store, average
  • Pass/Fail function, with adjustable tolerances
  • Programmable user configuration: limited functions
for routine check, or full capability

  • Light weight: 500 gr.

  • Large display 60 x 30 mm: colour & gloss data, spectral curves, auto switch-off

  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese

  • Energy efficiency: ± 8,000 measurements / battery set
  • Operating temperature: 10°C - 42°C (50°F – 110°F) Standard delivery

  • Calibration standards:
Colour: White (certified), Black, and Green reference tiles
    • High Gloss standard

  • Humidity: < 85% rH, non condensing/35°C (95°F)

Included; Measurement spot locator, Instructions manual, Easy-link software, Interface cable, 4 x AA batteries, wrist strap, colour theory reminder, carrying case.

SpectroMatch Gloss Spectrophotometer

Special specifications for Automotive Industry

In order to ensure consistency in the appearance of interior car components from various suppliers, very tight tolerances are specified. Typical range for colour ∆L*a*b* = ± 0.5, and for gloss <5 GU = ± 0.3 to 0.5. Sheen can supply upon request special versions of Spectromatch (d/8° & 45/0°) and Glossmaster to meet these stringent requirements. They offer 60° gloss measurement with outstanding specifications.

Instrument Repeatability Reproducibility
Spectromatch /gloss 60° (0-10 GU) ± 0.1 GU ± 0.5 GU
Tri-Glossmaster 20-60-85° ± 0.1 GU ± 0.2 GU
Glossmaster 60°  ± 0.1 GU ± 0.2 GU

All these special units can be ordered with additional 0-10 GU gloss standard. Please consult with Sheen.


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