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Micromatch Plus

Micromatch Plus

The Micromatch™ Plus combines the accuracy, power and capabilities of a spectrophotometer with quick and simple operation. This hand held, lightweight (500 grams including 4 x AA batteries) instrument may be used for quality control of paints and plastics on the production line, in the Q.C. department or at customer site meetings by technical support staff.


  • Excellent short and long term stability
  • Temperature independant results
  • Superior inter-instrument agreement
  • In compliance with international standards
  • Store up to 200 standards with tolerances and 999 samples
  • Lightweight, rugged and compact design
  • Ergonomic design - can easily measure difficult to access areas
  • Now available in seal optics (S/O) version for liquid and powder colour measurement

Features include short measurement time (0.3 seconds) with direct data transfer -10,000 measurement results (per battery set) can be stored and displayed in all common colour scales and indices including metamerism. Up to 200 standards and 999 colour samples may be stored in the memory. Calibration necessary at three month intervals only.

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181/3 Micromatch Plus 4mm viewing area
185 Micromatch Plus S/O - 20mm Aperture


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