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Light Cabinets

Colour Comparison Cabinets

These are available in different versions to accommodate both large and small components. 

The cabinets offer a controlled viewing environment that that will reveal colour inconsistencies in products over a range of different light conditions, comparisons can be samples against colour standards, batch to batch matching or same colour applied to different substrate materials. Front Panel features include auto light sequence, warm-up, power save and data storage facility.

Factors for consideration when selecting a cabinet

Light sources
The cabinets are fitted with lamps as standard, they can be configured dependent on the application from a single light source to a combination of 4 or 5 different sources.

The lamp selection should be based on the type of the samples and the environment that they are to be subjected to; day light environment (“Artificial Daylight” illuminants apply) in sales outlets (Point of Sale” illuminants) domestic environments (Illuminants “F” “A” and “Point of Sale”) or viewing for consistency where artificial brightners or fluorescent dyes are used. (Ultra-violet illuminants apply) See the tables below for more information.

Cabinet Type
The bench mounted Light Cabinets offer four and five lamp options, the larger cabinets permits larger samples to be accommodated.

  • SHCAC/60 - the smallest bench top version, contains 4 lamps. (5 lamp version designated as SHCAC/60-5 )
  • SHCAC/120 - mid-size bench top version, contains 4 lamps. (5 lamp version designated as SHCAC/120-5)
  • SHCAC/150 - largest in the range, contains 4 lamps. (5 lamp version designated as SHCAC/150-5)

Ordering example

There are lots of options for Light Cabinets, a typical specifiation could include:
SH: Denotes the prefix
CAC: denotes the product code
120: denotes the model reference
N7: Denotes Munsell colour option
DIFF: Denotes Diffuser
DIM: Denotes the dimmer.

Please contact us for further information on the specification options.

Light Cabinet Observation Tables are available to suit all Light Cabinets.


  • Datasheet
    The datasheet includes lamp options, dimensions and more detailed information.

Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN Colorbox [SHCAC/60 | SHCAC/120]

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