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LICO 620 Colourimeter


This high precision instrument is suitable for quality control of transparent coloured liquids including solvents, resins, adhesives and pharmaceuticals.


  • 5 colour scales: Hazen/Alpha/PtCo-colour, Gardner, Iodine, Saybolt, ASTM Mineral Oil Colour
  • Reference beam technology for consistent accuracy
  • Halogen source lamp
  • 7” TFT WVGA Colour touch screen 480 - 800 pixel. Standard Observer 2 degrees
  • Wavelength range 320 – 1100nm, resolution 1nm. (Accuracy +/- 1,5nm, 340 – 900nm)
  • Automatic Wave length calibration
  • Standard illuminant A, C, & D65, 2 & 10 degree observer
  • Automatic cuvette identification. (10, 50 mm Rectangular, 11 mm round formats.)
  • Data log, 400 colour measurement.
  • Interface , 2 x USB Typ A, 1x USB Typ B, 1x Ethernet

International standards

ASTM D 156  Saybolt Colour of Petroleum Products
ASTM D 1045  Plasticizers in Plastics
ASTM D 1209  Colour Clear liquids – Platinum-Cobalt Scale
(Pt/Co scale or Alfa-Hazen Scale)
ASTM D1500  Petroleum ASTM Colour Scale
ASTM D1544  Gardner Colour Scale
DIN 6162  Iodine colour
ISO 2049  ASTM Scale for petroleum products
ISO 4630  Gardner Colour
ISO 627-2  Platinum-cobalt scale (Spectrophotometric method)

Weights and Dimensions

Width, 350 x depth 255 X 151 high mm, weight 4,2 kg.

Contents of supply

  • Colorimeter
  • Dust Cover
  • USB dust cover
  • Universal Power supply (100 – 240V, 50 – 60 Hz) with power cord
  • Cuvette adapter Z installed as standard
  • Basic User Manual
  • CD-ROM with detailed operating instructions.


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SHL620 LICO 620 Colourimeter


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