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Gardner Liquid Colour Standards Comparator

Gardner Liquid Colour Standards Comparator

This popular and easy to use comparator is designed for quality control of light coloured liquids, 18 standards are provided, matched to comply with ASTM D 1544.


  • Strong metal frame suitable for use in laboratory or production environments
  • Two models, one with one without illumination.
  • Easy to use for quality control of Shelf life 5 years

Method of use

A test sample is poured into one of the tubes provided and then placed between the two colour standards that match most closely with the sample, compare for brightness and saturation, if the sample appears cloudy, it should be filtered prior to comparison.

The colour standard that appears most closely matched or where it falls between two standards, e.g. between 10 and 11 will be specified as 10+ or 11-.

International Standards

  • ASTM D1544
  • Gardner Colour Scale
  • ISO 4630
  • AOCS Method Td 1a-64T

Weights & Dimensions

  • With Lamp: 660 x 152 x 152 mm. Weight 6.35 kg
  • Without Lamp: 629 x 143 x 64 mm.  Weight 2.3 kg

Instrument package consists:

  • Set of 18 Gardner Liquid Standards
  • 6 empty comparison tubes with cork stoppers
  • Holding Rack (With or without fluorescent lamp, depending on model)
  • Operating Manual


  • Liquid standard replacements

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SKU Name Add to quote
SHBG6601 Filler Standard No 1
SHBG6602 Filler Standard No 2
SHBG6603 Filler Standard No 3
SHBG6604 Filler Standard No 4
SHBG6605 Filler Standard No 5
SHBG6606 Filler Standard No 6
SHBG6607 Filler Standard No 7
SHBG6608 Filler Standard No 8
SHBG6609 Filler Standard No 9
SHBG6610 Filler Standard No 10
SHBG6611 Filler Standard No 11
SHBG6612 Filler Standard No 12
SHBG6613 Filler Standard No 13
SHBG6614 Filler Standard No 14
SHBG6615 Filler Standard No 15
SHBG6616 Filler Standard No 16
SHBG6617 Filler Standard No 17
SHBG6618 Filler Standard No 18
SHBG6724 Gardner Liquid Standards without illumination, fitted with frosted glass panel
SHBG6726 Gardner Liquid Standards with illumination (115V 60 Hz)
SHBG6727 Gardner Liquid Standards with illumination (123V 50 Hz)


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