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BYK-Mac i Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer - Byk-mac Transparency and haze meter

Spectrophotometer for total colour control of effect finishes

The appearance of effect finishes are influenced by different viewing angles and conditions. Apart from the light-dark flop and colour shift special sparkling effects can be created.

The BYK-mac i spectrophotometer is unique as it measures multi-angle colour as well as sparkle and graininess for total colour matching in one portable device. Additionally, it detects and quantifies fluorescent light in the visible range.

Ergonomic design and easy operation

The shape of the instrument ensures easy handling and true portability.

With intuitive menu control evaluation of metallic finishes has never been easier. The instrument is equipped with trigger pins if all pins do not contact the surface an error message will be displayed thus guaranteeing reproducible results on:

  • 5-angle colour measurement : 15°/25°/45°/75°/110°
  • Menu guided operation
  • Designated buttons for standard and sample reading
  • Menu scroll wheel
  • Large display – statistics and alphanumeric name input
  • 1000 reading storage capability
  • Auto-chart software for documentation and data management


LED light – reproduce and repeat

The Byk-mac uses a patented and highly stable LED light source providing superior accuracy time and time again.
Reduced calibration frequencies allow the Byk-mac i to offer consistent results site to site globally.

Technical Specifications

Measuring Geometry  45 Illumination
-15° ,15° ,25° , 45° , 75° , 110° ,
 Aspecular viewing
Measuring Area 23mm diameter
Spectral Range 400-700nm, 10nm resolution
Measurement Range 0-400% reflectance
Measuring Time < 6 seconds
Repeatability 0.02 ΔE* (10 consecutive measurements on white)
Reproducibility 0.20 ΔE* (average on 12 BCRA II tiles)
Colour Scales E, E CMC, E DIN6175
Illuminants A; C; D50; D65; F2; F7; F11; F12
Observer 2°; 10°
Memory 1000 standards / samples
Language English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Power Supply 4 AA NiMH batteries
Operating Temperature 10°-42° C (50° – 110 °F)
Relative Humidity up to 85%, 35° C (95° F 0; non condensing)
Dimensions 218 x 8.1 x 14.7cm (8.6 x 3.2 x 5.8 in)
Weight approx. 1.3kg (approx. 2.86lbs)


ASTM D2244, E308, E1164, E2194
DIN 5033, 5036, 6174, 6175-2
ISO 7724
SAE J1545


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