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Sheen Instruments - quality testing instrumentation for paint and industrial coatings


The human eye is capable of differentiating several million colours, despite this subjective visual evaluation, when used for quality control purposes, is no longer preferred as it suffers from a lack of real quantifiable data and inconsistent documentation.

Since the early 1930’s many scientific measuring techniques have been developed by National Standards Organisations, among them the CIE (International Committee of Light), based on a logical numeric scaling where physical parameters and calculations have been clearly defined, universally accepted and adopted. As a result, many methods are today perfectly proven, and governed by major standards such as ASTM, BS, DIN, or ISO etc.

Spectrophotometer - Byk-mac Transparency and haze meter

BYK-Mac i Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer - The appearance of effect finishes are influenced by different viewing angles and conditions. Apart from the light-dark flop and colour shift special sparkling effects can be created. Byk-mac is unique as it measures both multi-angle colour and flake characterization in one portable device.

Delta Colour Comparator

Delta Colour Comparator 3000

The Colour Comparator uses precision- polished optical glass filters as references. The two different models are available with or without illumination.

Gardner Liquid Colour Standards Comparator

Gardner Liquid Colour Standards Comparator

This popular and easy to use comparator is designed for quality control of light coloured liquids, 18 standards are provided, matched to comply with ASTM D 1544.


LICO 620 Colourimeter

This high precision instrument is suitable for quality control of transparent coloured liquids including solvents, resins, adhesives and pharmaceuticals.

LICO 690 Professional Spectral Colourimeter

LICO 690 Professional Spectral Colourimeter

This is a high performance instrument for professional colour measurements of clear, transparent liquids with reference beam technology. Exact colour calculations which conform to DIN, ISO & ASTM standards also AOCS Methods, and iodine, colour values, Hazen or Gardner as well as CIE-L*a*b*.

Colour Comparison Cabinets

Light Cabinets

These are available in 3 versions to accommodate both large and small components. The portable version is ideal for customer presentations or for on-site discussions where such facilities would not normally be available.

Liquid Colour Standards - Gardner, Pt-Co/ Hazen/ALPA, Saybolt

Liquid Colour Standards

These Liquid Colour Standards are designed are intended for colour checking individual measuring instruments, comparison between instruments and other laboratories.

RAL K5 Classic Fan Deck

RAL Colour Charts

RAL Colour charts offer a quick easy method of comparing samples against known standards, additional benefits can be obtained when used under standard lighting conditions of a light cabinet.

Spectromatch Gloss - Spectrophotometer

Spectromatch Gloss Spectrophotometer

This new portable Spectrophotometer combines the latest and most advanced technology in micro-electronics and colorimetry


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