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Wet Film Wheel Thickness Gauge

Wet Film Wheel Thickness Gauge

An accurate gauge to check the wet film thickness of a paint film on application.

A stainless steel precision gauge to check wet film. A wheel machined with an eccentric central rim calibrated to increasing gap is rolled across the paint. The contact point on the rim indicates the film thickness. 4 standard scales available: 0 to 1000 μm. Custom range upon request. A special version designed with knurled outer rims for coil coating also available.

Other ranges also offered as required.

Complies with ASTM D1212, ISO 2808


Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN Wet Film Thickness Wheel

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SH1109/100 Wet Film Wheel Thickness Gauge - Range 0-100mm
SH1109/1000 Wet Film Wheel Thickness Gauge - Range 0-1000mm
SH1109/200 Wet Film Wheel Thickness Gauge - Range 0-200mm
SH1109/500 Wet Film Wheel Thickness Gauge - Range 0-500mm


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