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SmarTest - Intelligent Bluetooth Sensor

SmarTest: Intelligent Bluetooth sensor for coating thickness measurement

SmarTest is an intelligent wireless sensor for non-destructive coating thickness measurement and relays sensor data via Bluetooth to your tablet, smart phone or to the coating thickness gauge MiniTest 745.

The SmarTest is the size of a pen so you can carry it with you anywhere.

The standard scope of supply comes with the F 2.6 or FN 2.6 sensor, which has been specially optimised for measuring on thin auto body sheets and can be used for a sheet thickness downwards of 0.3 mm / 12 mils.

You can connect any SIDSP sensor to SmarTest and cover a wide range of coating thickness measurement tasks.

Download the SmarTest app and connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth to take measurements instantly.


It is very simple to operate the SmarTest:

  • Start the SmarTest app on the mobile device
  • Switch on the wireless sensor and the Bluetooth connection is established automatically
  • Take measurements

The SmarTest app helps you through all steps with context-sensitive help texts in 4 languages currently.

Measuring Modes

There are two measuring modes available:

Single value mode

  • The measurement values are taken individually and displayed. This enables you to take coating thickness values of the object to be measured at multiple points and then to evaluate them statistically.

Continuous mode

  • After placing the sensor the measuring values are taken continuously and displayed. This mode is suited for calculation of layer thickness distribution on a restricted surface and to locate the thin and thick sections. The measuring values calculated on continuous mode can be saved in the statistics by briefly pressing the power button.

Control / Data Transfer

Sensor control and data transfer of the measuring values is done via Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Smart (low energy). The sensor and mobile device can be placed about 10 m away from each other, even farther under good transmission conditions.

App Functions

The SmarTest app shows the current measuring values, the statistical evaluation and helps store control and calibration of the sensor.

There is an option of the metric (μm, mm) and imperial (mils) formats for display and processing of measuring values.

Storage and transfer / download of measuring values is done in the CSV format.


Three calibration modes are available:

  • Manufacturers calibration
  • 1-point calibration on the uncoated object to be measured (zero point calibration)
  • 2-point calibration (zero point calibration + 1 layer/sheet)

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