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Pentest / Minipen Coating Thickness Gauge

Pentest / Minipen Coating Thickness Gauge

A simple but efficient instrument, for instant indication of coatings thickness on steel. The magnetic attraction method consists of lifting a spring tensioned magnet away from the surface. The differential release is related to coating thickness. The coloured bands can be used for Pass/Fail test.

2 models are available:

  • Pentest: has a cursor to hold the reading on the scale.
  • Minipen: a simpler version without hold device.

Conforms to ASTM - D4138-A

Pentest / Minipen Coating Thickness Gauge


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MINIPEN Minipen Coating Thickness Gauge (Range 50-500µm)
PENTEST Pentest Coating Thickness Gauge (Range 25-700µm)


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