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Paint Inspection Gauge

Paint Inspection Coating Thickness Gauge

A handy instrument, using destructive method to measure coatings thickness up to 1250μm, applied on a large variety of substrates, e.g. concrete, wood, plastic, aluminium etc.

A cut is made on the test surface with a V-shaped tool. The width of the layers obtained can be measured with the builtin illuminated/graduated 50 x microscope, and converted into corresponding thickness, depending on the blade used.

3 tungsten carbide tips are included:
1. Max. thickness 1250μm, ±6 μm, 1 graduation = 20μm
2. Max. thickness 500μm, ±3 μm, 1 graduation = 10μm
3. Max. thickness 75μm, ±0.6 μm, 1 graduation = 2μm

International standards

ASTM: D4138-A


Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN Super PIG III (Paint Inspection Gauge)

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SH202/11 Paint Inspection Gauge - No. 1 Cutting Tip
SH202/12 Paint Inspection Gauge - No. 2 Cutting Tip
SH202/13 Paint Inspection Gauge - No. 3 Cutting Tip
SH202/H Paint Inspection Gauge - Cutting Tip Holder
SH202/PIG Paint Inspection Gauge - Complete set. Including microscope, 3 cutting tips, battery, hood


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