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MiniTest 7200/7400 FH

MiniTest  7200/7400 FH portable wall thickness measuring device

High accuracy wall thickness measurement

The MiniTest 7200 FH / MiniTest 7400 FH is a portable thickness measuring device that offers the capability to precisely measure materials up to 10 mm thick. The small size and portability of the device enables it to be operated in production areas and quality laboratories.

The MiniTest 7200 FH and MiniTest 7400 FH provide easy, non-destructive and highly accurate thickness measurement on all types of non-ferrous products, regardless of their size, shape, and material.

It is ideal for applications where accurate measurement of sharp corners, small radii and/or complex shapes are required.

Two models

MiniTest 7200 FH offers measurement capabilities including real-time thickness measurement, display of minimum and maximum readings, an offset mode, and automatic storage of up to 100,000 values.

MiniTest 7400 FH offers the same capabilities as the MiniTest 7200 FH plus statistical graphing, real time trend, data base with up to 500 batches and increased automatic storage of up to 250,000.

SIDSP provides higher accuracy

The MiniTest 7200 FH/MiniTest 7400 FH Gauging Systems incorporate sensor-integrated digital signal processing (SIDSP®). All measuring signals are digitally created and completely digitally processed inside the sensor itself. Only completely processed digital readings are transferred to the base unit for display, statistical analysis, and storage. Unlike analog devices, error influences on the meas- uring data during transfer are totally excluded.

Two probes to choose from

In order to maximize the accuracy of readings, two easily interchangeable probes with a hardened probe tip and a variety of ball sizes are avail- able to cover thickness ranges from 0 to 4 mm (FH 4) and 0 to 10 mm (FH 10).

Innovative menu control and data filing system

The MiniTest 7200 FH/MiniTest 7400 FH feature an easy to understand, menu-driven operator interface and data filing system, similar to com- mon PC applications. Operational assistance is always available via context-sensitive help topics.

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FH 10 Probe, range 0-10 mm, including 3 balls: 2.5-4.0-6 mm, standards, zero cal. standards & stand
FH 10/Ball/9 Ball 9 mm, set of 10 pcs. Including standard & zero cal. standard
FH 4 Probe, range 0-4 mm, including 3 balls: 1.5-2.5-4.0 mm, standards, zero cal. standards & stand
MP7000 Portable printer with charger
MP7000/1 Printer cable
MP7200/2 Foot switch
MP7200/3 IR/USB converter4
MP7200/4 Connecting box incl, USB cable for connecting power supply, footswitch, alarm, headphones
MP7200/5 MSoft7000 basic, data transfer software
MP7200/6 MSoft7000 pro, data management software
SH7200 FH MiniTest 7200 FH - Wall Thickness Gauge, with mounting device, without probe
SH7400 FH MiniTest 7400 FH - Wall Thickness Gauge, with mounting device, without probe


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