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Minitest – Stats

Minitest – Stats

Minitest 3100

A range of instruments for more advanced statistical information which take a wide range of probes for coating thickness readings up to 100MM.

The 3100 models have a large memory which can be split into batches for storage and later printout or download to PC.

They also have limit settings giving a histogram showing distribution of readings within the limits. This can be printed together with eight statistical values on the portable MINIPRINT which connects directly to any of the gauges.

Conforms to DIN ISO 2178 & 2360 BS5411.

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1100 Minitest 1100 Basic - No Stats / Memory / Printout
2100 Minitest 2100 - 1 Batch/ Appl., Memory & Print Facility
3100 Minitest 3100 - 10 Batch/ Appl., Memory & Print Facility
4100 Minitest 4100 - 99 Batch/ Appl., Memory & Print Facility


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