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Three and Six Chamber Cube Film Applicators

Sheen Instruments

Similar to the single chamber version but offers the user either 3 or 6 chambers enabling additional (Dependent on version selected) samples to be tested simultaneously, the applicators can be supplied with 37 and 75 μm gaps or to customer specification.

Please specify width and gap sizes when ordering.


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SH1103A/3 Cube Film Applicator (Multi-Chamber) - 16mm. 37/75µm
SH1103A/3A Cube Film Applicator (Multi-Chamber) - 16mm - (specify sizes)
SH1103A/6 Cube Film Applicator (Multi-Chamber) - 45mm. 50/100µm
SH1103A/6A Cube Film Applicator (Multi-Chamber) - 45mm - (specify sizes)


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