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Sag Index Applicators

Sag Index Applicators

This applicator is especially designed for sag resistance evaluation, in consists of film width of 90mm, equally divided into 10 gaps, incremented in depths of 25 microns, the space between each gap is 1.5mm.

The application of the coating is the same as for standard bar applicators, but afterwards the test panel is lifted and turned to be at 90 degrees to the horizontal, with the thickest coating positioned at the bottom of the sample.

The sag index can be determined by the first track that does not show signs of sagging onto the next track below.


Product succeeded by TQCSHEEN Sag Index Applicator

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SH1108/275 Sag Index Applicators - 90mm film width, step range 50-275µm in 25µm steps.
SH1108/475 Sag Index Applicators - 90mm film width, step range 250-475µm in 25µm steps.
SH1108/675 Sag Index Applicators - 90mm film width, step range 450-675µm in 25µm steps.


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