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Pneumatic Panel Sprayers

Pneumatic Panel Sprayers

Our fully pneumatic Panel Sprayers have been developed in association with major coating manufacturers, subsequently we can offer a wide range of options from which to customise for individual requirements.

Consistency - The sprayers remove the variations in consistency that is experienced when using hand held guns, thus offering a means to set optimum, repeatable conditions to achieve consistent results.

Consistency in coating application is absolutely essential for subsequent evaluation of colour, gloss, opacity and general appearance, also physical properties including thickness, sagging, levelling and adhesion.

Evaluation of these properties is particularly important when applying high performance coatings such as metallic, pearlescent paints and specialist effect coatings.

Setting parameters - The sprayers offer the means to set the atomisation, coating build, flash off timing, flow/levelling, film thickness, gun traverse speeds and accelerated drying, these settings are particularly important when defining the characteristics of new formulations.

Optimum settings - Once the optimum settings for a product have been achieved they can be easily reproduced for quality control for further sampling, thus enabling identification of any inconsistences in formulation or preparation.

Features (common to all models)

  • Easy to operate controls
  • All functions and movements are operated by compressed air
  • Adjustable gun to panel distance, gun travel speed and spray pressure
  • Adjustable panel lift increments (for achieving optimum over spray of previous pass of the spray gun)
  • Flash off timer, to enable optimum setting of rest period between each coating
  • Framework and panels are constructed from stainless steel, making for easy cleaning
  • Magnetic panel holders (Vacuum holders for non-metallic panels)
  • Suitable for use in all spray booths
  • Lockable castors are fitted to aid easy manoeuvrability
  • Emergency and Reset button
  • Easy access to internal parts/mechanism for simplified service and cleaning
  • Fitted with integral air filters and regulators
  • Compressed air connection by 12mm diameter tubing hose line, speed fit connectors, or 1⁄2” BSP connection
  • Spray guns are not fitted as standard, but can be supplied if requested at the time of ordering.

Pneumatic Panel SprayersThree model formats

SH4500N - Pneumatic Panel Sprayer

This single gun sprayer has maximum panel holding capacity of 4 standard panels (100x 150mm) with a maximum spray area of 350x500mm. The operator is able to programme spray pressure, number of coats, traverse speed, lift increment and flash-off timer.

An accessory panel is supplied aside of the main control panel for the addition of optional functions and additional equipment. Most popular types of spray guns can be mounted onto the Sprayer, testing and setting is manually controlled.

SH4700N - Pneumatic Panel Sprayer

The intermediate model accommodates twin gun operation, capacity for 9 standard 100x150mm panels and a maximum spray area of 500x500mm (when using a single gun).

Programmable spray pressure, accessory panels, one each side of the control panel for the addition of options and accessories.

SH4800N - Pneumatic Panel Sprayer

This top of the range Sprayer provides fully automatic control of two spray guns, plus the ability to operate with an electrostatic “Turbodisc system. A capacity for up to 12 standard (100x150mm) test panels with a spray area of 700x600mm (when using a single gun).

Single or twin gun operation gun changeover, flash-off timing can be selected and panel lift increments can be set from to 40 to 70mm.

Two additional panels are supplied, one each side of the control panel for the addition of options and accessories.

Electrostatic spraying

We can offer the facility for the fitting of Electrostatic Spray Guns, to our Panel Sprayers, contact our Customer Services and your gun supplier before finalising requirements for this type of system.

International standards - ASTM D823/A

Additional optional equipment

Remote Gun Setting: This feature enables the operator to control atomisation and fan width of pneumatically adjusted spray guns via a remote unit (can be supplied with all models).

We would be pleased to advise on any special requirements for models in our range, please contact Customer Services for further information.



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SH4500N Small Automatic Panel Sprayer - Single Gun Facility, 1 Flash Off Timer, 1 Coating Counter
SH4700N Medium Automatic Panel Sprayer - Twin Gun Facility, 2 Flash Off Timers, 1 Coating Counter
SH4800N Large Automatic Panel Sprayer - Twin Gun Facility, 3 Flash Off Timers, 2 Coating Counters, Adjustable Spray Width


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