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Levelling and Sagging Tester

Levelling and Sagging Tester

This applicator allows both sagging and levelling evaluations in one product.

Sagging tests are performed in the same manner as SH1108 Sag Index Applicator, (samples are placed in and along the length of the chamber) 10 gap sizes are provided, ranging from 75 - 300 microns in 25 micron increments.

Levelling tests are carried out by applying 5 pairs of coating stripes ranging from 0.1, 0.2, 0,.5 and 1.0mm, after drying the coating is observed to rate the separation of merging of the corresponding pairs.


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SH1118 Levelling and Sagging Tester - (10 gaps for sagging and 5 pairs for levelling)
SH1118/A Levelling and Sagging Tester - custom specification. (10 gaps for sagging and 5 pairs for levelling)


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