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Filmfuge Applicators

Centifugal Film Applicator "filmfuge"

Centrifugal applicators provide perfectly reliable spin-coated samples. Complementary to conventional techniques, this method offers efficiency and flexibility to daily sample preparation process.

Just fix a panel onto the turntable, pour a known volume of coating onto the centre, close the lid and start the unit. The centrifugal force creates an uniform coating. The thickness is determined by the rotational speed, nature of the product and type of panel. Fully progammable operating parameters, ease of use and high safety makes this apparatus a must in all laboratories.

2 available models fulfil most sample size requirements:

  • 1110N: for small panel 100 x 150mm, overall dimensions 200 x 210 x 380mm
  • 1112N: for large panel 300 x 300mm, overall dimensions 200 x 550 x 620mm


  • Programmable parameters:
    - time: 10sec. to 150min, in 10s. increments
    - speed: 250 – 2500 rpm, in 10rpm increments
  • LCD display: preset speed & remaining time, actual speed during operation
  • Safe use: automatic lock of the lid during operation, emergency stop button
  • Easy to clean: removable aluminium turntable and collecting tray
  • 90 – 254V, 50/60Hz (dual voltage)

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SH1110N Filmfuge Applicator - small
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