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Bar Film Applicator

Bar Applicators

The Applicators are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, precision machined, individually calibrated and finishes to meet the quality requirements of the coatings industry.

They provide perfect film drawdowns and guarantee the most reliable sample preparation, essential for all testing purposes. Suitable for application on Hiding Power Charts or any sufficiently rigid support presenting flat and smooth surface, they can be used on glass or flat metal panels.

A range of ten applicator formats are available from single gap sizes to 8 different gap sizes, additionally there are two adjustable gap versions, they can either be used with Impression Beds and drawn by hand or with the Automatic Film Applicators.

Customer specification version applicators

In additional to the standard range of applicators, we offer special versions where the gap and film widths are supplied to meet individual needs

Bar Applicator

Fitted with 2 (removable) guides and can be used with 100 mm wide test panels.

Standard film width is 90 mm, the gap sizes are listed below.

Special Formats
In addition to the standard range of applicators, we also offer different film width and gap sizes.


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SH1101/90 Bar Applicators - available gap sizes:- 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250µm. (please specify when ordering)


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